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What does Signal Insights monitor?

Signal Insights monitors the latest competitor & industry news, key website changes, press releases, blog posts, top social media posts and changes in Google search rank. We run scans multiple times a day to always deliver the fastest updates.

How do you track competitor news?

We crawl the web to find news articles about both your company and your competitors. We then determine if an article is a Story; an article specifically about you or your competitor or a Mention; an article that mentions you or a competitor, but that company isn’t the primary focus.

How are you able to find website changes?

Each of your competitors’ web sites are scanned multiple times per day to look for changes to the images that were identified during onboarding. These may include completely new images/banners or subtle changes to copy.

Is Signal Insights easy to set up?

Set up is quick and easy. There’s no technical integration and no company data is required. By answering a few questions we're able to quickly set up your custom dashboard and get you onboarded.

Is training included?

Signal Insights provides initial remote training to all users along with regular updates addressing new features and functions. We can arrange in person or remote training sessions as needed. Curriculum can be tailored to meet each client's specific needs and use cases.

What if I have questions after training?

All clients receive both email and phone support. Requests are typically handled in one business or less by our US based team. Dedicated customer success managers are assigned to ensure the highest level of service.

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