Give your marketing team an unfair advantage

All-in-one platform for scoring competitors' news stories, Facebook/Google ads, social media posts, website changes, and email newsletters. Delivered to your inbox daily.

    • Signal Insights News News with none of the junk
    • Signal Insights Ads See what your competitors are advertising
    • Signal Insights Social Media Know what content gets the most engagement
    • Signal Insights Email Newsletters See what newsletters your rivals send

    Over 200 brands count on Signal Insights to monitor their competitors

    From education to industrial and Fortune 500 to local businesses, we help B2B and B2C companies of all types find competitive intel they care about.

    Most 'news' in other platforms is junk

    Signal Insights’ machine learning removes 96% of 'news' stories that show in other platforms, allowing you to focus on making decisions instead of wasting time with junk.

    Social post scoring

    See how your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts stack up against competitors with proprietary Signal Insights engagement scoring.

    It's not just for tracking competitors

    Track key customers and partners as well, allowing marketing, sales, and the C-suite to work together.

    Spend 2 minutes a day to stay on top of competitors and customers

    • Stop wasting time with junk: A lot of 'news' is junk - fake industry reports, low quality mentions, real estate posts, job listings. Signal Insights’ machine learning hides 96% of what shows in other platforms, allowing you to focus on making decisions instead of wasting your time.
    • Everything in one place. Sorting through news, social media posts, competitors' emails, Google Alerts, and more takes a lot of time and almost guarantees things get missed.
    • Simple daily email. Find out about any new product announcements, website launches, layoffs, or acquisitions within the last 24 hours, all while sipping your morning coffee.
    • Learning how to setup new software is annoying. That's why we setup and implement Signal Insights on your behalf - no effort on your part. Everyone hates per-seat pricing. Unlimited user licensing: Signal Insights is the same fee for 3 or 3,000 users.

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