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Signal Insights is a custom daily digest for marketing and sales professionals. You’ll be the first to know about big stories in the news, important changes they make to their websites, when they send out emails, and their top social posts. All accessible in a cloud-based dashboard and emails. 

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Spend less time

Sifting through industry blogs, Google News alerts, and reading press releases takes a lot of time.

Simple, modern dashboard

See all the relevant competitor news and insights in one place.

Only see what's most important

Signal Insights leverages machine learning to filter out the 90% your team doesn't care about or need to know.

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5 Tips for Conducting a Competitive Analysis

Learn how to best identify your competitors, know what to look for, and how to watch them on a regular basis.

Spend eight minutes a week to stay on top of your industry

  • Get the latest competitor & industry news, key website changes, press releases, blog posts, top social media posts and changes in Google search rank.
  • Receive alerts as soon as competitors make big moves: new product announcements, launch of a new website, mentioned in a key article, layoffs, acquisitions, and more.
  • Cut through the noise. Signal Insights surfaces the relevant information so that you can focus on making decisions instead of sifting through junk.
  • Enterprise Strong: Single Sign On, unlimited users, distribution lists and no integrations needed.

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