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Kickstart your day with a digest highlighting your competitors' top activities: news, digital ads, social posts, website updates, and email newsletters —all conveniently delivered to your inbox.

    • Signal Insights News Competitor news and more with none of the junk
    • Signal Insights Ads News & social scores highlight engagement at a glance
    • Signal Insights Social Media Everything in one place
    • Signal Insights Email Newsletters See what newsletters your rivals send

    Hundreds of companies use Signal Insights every day

    Our clients represent a diverse range of industries, including technology platforms, healthcare, financial institutions, and manufacturers.

    Most 'news' in other platforms is junk

    Other platforms tend to clutter your feed with spam and irrelevant articles, while Signal Insights' machine learning filters out 96% of these ‘news’ stories. This means you can spend your time making informed decisions instead of sifting through junk.

    Advanced News and Social Media Scoring

    Discover how your social media posts compare to competitors using our proprietary Signal Insights engagement scoring. Plus, our News Value Index lets you easily spot the most valuable news stories in no time.

    Stay ahead by tracking email and website changes

    Signal Insights simplifies the process of subscribing to your competitors' email newsletters by generating unique email addresses for you. Stay updated on changes to the websites of your competitors.

    Spend just two minutes a day to stay ahead of your competitors

    • Stop wasting time on irrelevant news. A significant portion of 'news' is junk—think fake industry reports, low-quality mentions, real estate posts, and job listings. Signal Insights' machine learning filters out 96% of this noise from other platforms, freeing you to focus on strategic decision-making instead of sifting through clutter.
    • Get everything in one place. Manually sorting through news, social media posts, competitors' emails, Google Alerts, and more is time-consuming and often results in missed opportunities.
    • Receive a simple daily email. Stay informed about new product announcements, website launches, layoffs, acquisitions, and more—all within the past 24 hours—while enjoying your morning coffee.
    • No hassle with software setup. We take care of setting up and implementing Signal Insights for you, saving you the headache of learning new software. Plus, multiple Zoom training sessions are available as your team grows.
    • Say farewell to per-seat pricing. Our unlimited user licensing ensures that whether you have 3 or 3,000 users, the fee remains the same. Each user can choose from multiple email frequency options and decide the amount of news and updates they receive.

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