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  • Most 'news' in other platforms is junk. Signal Insights' machine learning removes 92% of 'news' stories that show in other platforms, helping you waste less time and make better business decisions.
  • Everything in one place. Sorting through news, social posts, competitors' emails, Google Alerts, and more takes a lot of time and almost guarantees things get missed.
  • Simple daily email. Find out about new product announcements, website launches, layoffs, or acquisitions within the last 24 hours, all while sipping your morning coffee. 
  • Learning how to setup new software is annoying. That's why we setup and implement Signal Insights on your behalf - no effort on your part. Everyone hates per-seat pricing. Unlimited user licensing: Signal Insights is the same fee for 3 or 3,000 users.

Hundreds of clients spanning nearly every industry

From education to industrial and Fortune 500 to local businesses, we help B2B and B2C companies of all types find competitive intel they care about.

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