5 Tips for Conducting a Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis can be daunting and difficult. Our guide teaches you how to:

  • Identify your competition: Before you can really dig into what your competitors are doing and where, you first need to know who they are.
  • Google like a pro: Determine where your competition ranks in organic search, their reputation, and how often they're mentioned in the news.
  • Examine their website efficiently: Know how often they change promotions, their product/service focus, when they launch a new website, or make other significant changes
  • Review their social media effectively: Figure out what they’re really trying to market, what industry news sources they watch, their company’s culture, and how they respond to customers and prospects.
  • Continue to stay updated: It’s extremely important that you monitor your competitors on a regular basis and not just once a year, once a quarter, or even once a month.

Monitor Your Competition

Keeping tabs on the competition is important and our FREE guide can help you get started. Download your copy now.