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Signal Insights helps you keep tabs on your top accounts in one easy-to-use interface. With a daily executive summary delivered right to your inbox, you’ll always have a good reason to touch base with your clients.

All plans include onboarding, setup, and a dedicated customer success manager. You'll have one dashboard to monitor news, press releases, blog posts, social media and website changes. With unlimited seats, everyone on your sales team can use it.

Receive a daily email digest of:

  • News Stories: See the top news stories written about your clients. Easily click and read them from the email.
  • Website Changes: View big updates that your clients are making to their websites with screenshots of the changes right in your inbox.
  • Social Media: Know what they're posting on social media and what kinds of content are getting the most engagement.
  • Press Releases and Blogs: See your clients’ latest press releases and blog posts.
  • Industry News: Keep all of your favorite industry news publications in one place.

Unique Ways to Engage Your Clients Without the Small Talk

sales guide

Develop 5 strategies for monitoring your top accounts' activities so you always have a good reason to reach out

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