Signal Insights Features: What Are They & How Do They Work?

  • Signal Insights
  • June 1, 2020

We developed a client monitoring tool to help account & sales teams stay on top of their industry, without having to sort through spam and irrelevant information. With a simple, easy-to-use dashboard Signal Insights users can view their clients’ news, industry/retailer news, emails, social media updates, blog posts and press releases. Daily or weekly email updates make it a great, time-saving tool for busy sales and account professionals.  

Let’s dive into each piece of the Signal Insights dashboard. 


Our news feature crawls the web to find news articles about your top accounts. We run the crawl several times a day to always have the newest information. 

Each article is then run through our machine learning algorithm to filter out spam, real estate listings, and other information that you don’t care about. We also determine if an article is a story or a mention. A story is an article specifically about your client and a mention is an article that mentions your client, and that company isn’t the primary focus. 

If a particular article really sparks your interest, clicking it will open the full article in a new window. 

Industry News / Retailer News

Account and sales teams usually have a few industry publications that they like to read and keep up on or retailers and key accounts they want to track. We talk with them during onboarding to determine which industry news sites they read the most or what retailers they want to monitor. We then crawl those sites multiple types per day and display the results along the side of the dashboard in date order. Similar to news, clicking on a result links to the article.

This feature can save you a lot of time by pulling articles from several sources into one dashboard, eliminating the need to visit each site individually or subscribing to multiple sites. 

E-Mail Monitoring

Once we have the list of competitors, we subscribe to all of their e-mail lists. As we receive emails, they’re displayed in the dashboard. You can easily see the number of e-mails each company sends. You’re also able to see when the email was sent, the subject line, and the content of the email is displayed.

Social Media

Social media updates are sourced from Facebook. Signal Insights scans several times per day to check for new posts and then each post is given a score for relevancy based on several factors including engagement and reach. We then show the post with the highest score so that you can see what type of content gets the highest engagement and reach for your accounts. The bar above the social post indicates that specific post’s score in comparison to all social posts for the page.

The posts shown in the dashboard appear exactly as they would on Facebook and include all functionality; Like, Comment & Share. Clicking on a post will open that specific post in a new window. 

Press Releases & Blogs

We pull press releases and blogs directly from your clients’ websites and update results multiple times throughout the day. We also have the ability to crawl multiple sources per company, since many companies have separate pages (or even websites) for their press releases and blog posts. Like other content pieces, clicking on a result will open it in a new window. 

Generate PDF Report or Print

You may have noticed a print icon at the top of the dashboard. Clicking this will generate a simplified version of all the account data in your dashboard for the selected date range. 

From here, users can save it as a PDF so that they can share it with others or you can print the report. Each section of the dashboard begins on its own page, which allows users to easily add specific sections to another report or by selecting specific pages when saving, they can customize their Signal Insights report. 

What else makes Signal Insights different? 

Aside from the features that users interact with inside of the dashboard (or via email) there are a few other ways Signal Insights is different from other account monitoring tools. 

  • We offer a seamless, concierge-esque onboarding experience that takes all the heavy lifting off of the customer. Instead of having to go through a multistep process of setting up everything yourself, we do that for you.
  • After a quick onboarding call, our team goes in and customizes the dashboard based on everything we learn from you. We let you know when your dashboard is ready and schedule a training call. So you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to set up everything properly or waiting for answers if you have a question while getting set up.
  • The set-up process is handled for you. 
  • With Signal Insights, you also get a dedicated client success manager. You talk to the same person for onboarding, training, and any time that you have questions or ideas.
  • They check in with you periodically and you’re able to reach out to them at any time. There’s no getting shuffled around to multiple people or having to use a support ticketing system. 

Interested in seeing these features in action? Book a 12 minute demo of Signal Insights.