Press Releases Get a New Home in the Signal Insights Dashboard

  • Amber Herndon
  • February 23, 2021

Today we launched a new update! Press releases can now be found in the “News” section of the dashboard, just like in your digest emails. 

When we first started tracking press releases and blog posts, they all lived in a section we called “Branded Content”. Last summer, we revamped that section – adding in the ability to support multiple blogs and press releases per company and we also simplified the name to just “Press Releases and Blogs”. 

Last fall we realized that some companies we track publish a lot of blog content and they would really bury the press releases in our email digests. So we moved those press releases up to the “News” section. 

Sometimes when a company issues a press release, it isn’t always picked up in the news, even though it is news. Since the information they’re sharing is still very important, we wanted to make sure that our clients see it. 

We’ve been working on a way that we can make sure those press releases are highlighted in our dashboards too. You’ll notice that they have a light shade of blue/gray so that it’s easy to distinguish between a press release and a news article. Your dashboard will show 3 press releases and 3 news stories. by default. You can always click “View More Articles” to load more press releases and news stories. 

If the companies you’re monitoring also have a blog, those blog posts now live in their own section below news. 

We are continually adding new features and making enhancements to our dashboard and our digests. If you have any ideas or feature requests, reach out to Amber at